We're about
style & comfort

Fitting You Perfectly
comfort and fit are our priority

Our flip flops, sandals and shoes are made in custom designed moulds that have been engineered to the highest standards to achieve the best comfort and fit.

The flexible materials contour to the sole and offer cushioning and support, and each style is designed to flatter and hug the foot.

In Coloko your feet will feel great and look stunning.

About Coloko
who we are and our team

We are based in North London and our talented young design team, headed by designer Nicole Warner, takes inspiration from the latest urban trends. Mixed with a relaxed, go-anywhere attitude and a fun colour palette to brighten up your day, whether in the city or by the pool.

Electrifyingly Colourful
add colour to your day

We believe that colour makes the world a better place, and more is always more, so say bye-bye to boring and bring out your bright side!

For All Weather

With our range of closed toe pumps and wedges you can find a Coloko style to suit anything the weather can throw at you.

All our shoes are waterproof and easily wiped clean, so even on the muddiest of days you can bring out your bright side to drive the clouds away.

More than just a beach brand, Coloko shoes will take you through the day in style, wherever you are and whatever the weather.

Vegan Friendly

Our world is a wonderful place, with so much to explore, so let’s be kind to it!

All our styles are made from 100% Vegan friendly materials, and are fully recyclable, so you can look amazing and be gentle to the planet at the same time.