How to store your Coloko product.

Coloko styles are made from resilient moulded materials, and do not need any special care to keep their shape.

Our shoeboxes and fabric tote bags are fully recyclable but, when the packaging looks that good, why not keep it to store your Coloko shoes tidily?

Caring for your Coloko product.

All our styles are fully waterproof and can be simply and easily wiped clean with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge, inside and out.

We do not recommend using any abrasive or chemical cleaning agents or cloths on any of our products, as this may damage the prints and surface finishes.

Avoid any ink, dye or paint coming into contact with your Coloko footwear, as this could indelibly stain the materials.

Please note –

Coloko footwear uses specialist printing techniques to achieve exciting designs that make our products unique.

Some natural fading of the print is to be expected in wear, especially on areas of the product that is in direct contact with the foot.